And everybody was gone

You were standin' in the street 'cause you were tryin' not to crack up

It wasn't like a rain it was more like a sea

I didn't ask for this pain it just came over me

I love a storm, but I don't love lightning

All the waters coming up so fast, that's frightening
you didn't see me I was falling apart

This is Baby Bird. An Indian Ring-Neck Parrot.

He’s my brother’s bird, but has been passed onto me while my brother is overseas. Chances are he will be mine forever. Well, he’s lonely and I want to get him a boy-/girlfriend. Problem is the one I found for “cheap” is $200.

I can’t afford that right now with everything going on in my life. But my bird is literally dying of loneliness. Indian Ring-Necks are meant to be in social settings—they need the attention of another bird as much as humans need other humans.

So I’m asking if anyone would be willing to donate to this cause. $20, $10, $3, $1… anything at all. (The button to my paypal is on my blog)

We can get someone a fuzzy chicken—can you help my bird find true love?

posted 1 year ago on 01 Jul 13
the tags: #bird  #indian ringneck  #parrot  #love  #donation  #help  

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    Help my bestie!
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    Honestly, $200 for a healthy, breeding ready IRN is fairly good. I’ve seen them for $600
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    Having met both the owner and the bird, I can assure you it’s going to a good cause. This is a romantic version of the...
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    please help guys!